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    Will Intel DH67VR support gtx 960?



      I want to upgrade my pc graphic card from gtx 650 amp to asus gtx 960, but I have a problem: When I plug in the new video card into motherboard IPISB-CH2 (Chicago) the PC doesn't boot up and plays some beeps. Now I discovered that it doesn't work because the BIOS version is very old then I decided to buy an Intel DH67VR motherboard but I don't  know if this one will work with the gtx 960.

      I have another question, do you know the BIOS version is required for work properly the video card?


      These are the specifications about the motherboard.

      Intel® Desktop Board DH67VR Specifications


      Thanks a lot

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          It likely will not work...

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            Why do you think this? I have tested the video card on an older pc than my and it works perfectly. In that computer the PSU is very weak then I think the problem is the BIOS version, so this Intel motherboard isn't enough updated?


            Thanks in advance.

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              It's fairly straight forward. Intel exited the Desktop Boards business a number of years ago. There have consequently been no compatibility updates available for this board for quite some time. When I combine this with the numerous compatibility issues that have been reported against newer Intel Desktop Boards, I find it highly likely that this board will have similar problems. I don't like saying it, but this is reality.


              Of course, if you would like to attempt to prove me wrong, go for it. All I can say is, I won't be spending *my* hard-earned money trying to find out...


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                Al Hill

                If I might add my 2¢, your board supports PCIe 2.0.  Your board is more than 5 years old, and the last bios update was four years ago - long before your graphics card was made.  Your board/bios cannot predict the future.


                If anything, you should be working with ASUS to determine why they are not compatible with older boards. Your question (to ASUS) should be "Is your GTX 960 backward compatible with the Intel DH67VR?".   They have the ability to update the firmware on their card to correct compatibility issues, if they want to invest in supporting older boards.  Even if they did, you would still be running in a "degraded" mode.  There is no way the card will work "perfectly" on an older system (that supports PCIe 2.0).


                With a nice, new graphics card, I would want hardware that would allow it to perform as it should.  Can you make it work?  Probably, but what is the point?


                Just my 2¢,



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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Thank you very much to Al Hill and N. Scott Pearson for the information provided previously.
                  To Gabriele97:
                  I just wanted to confirm the information on the previous posts as correct, and as it was mentioned above, the video card is too new for the board.
                  What we recommend in this situation is to do a BIOS update on the board to the very latest version, which is 0160, still, to be honest with you, it is going to be difficult to make it work with the video card.
                  Not sure if the BIOS on the board currently is 0160, but, just in case, here are the instructions to do a BIOS update and the link for that version:
                  BIOS update using the F7 method:
                  This is the .BIO file needed to do the BIOS update:
                  That will be the thing to try, if still does not work after that, then due to compatibility the video card will not work with the board.
                  Any questions, please let me know.