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    DP55WB won't Boot


      Hi guys,

      Im having trouble w my new build...


      the board is new and so is the I7 860

      the board will not boot up.

      known good 650 watt PS

      Known good vidio card

      the mother board produces 3 beeps w/ all ram removed

      one really odd thing, with no conectors other than the two power supply

      connectors (ie no hd led or on switch) the board powers up on its own (all fans spin and the green led goes on)

      any thoughts?

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          Can you give the specs? Specifics of what you are doing will also help. Green Led is always "on" if there is power to the board. Three beeps will be heard if there are no ram installed. With no ram installed  certainly no booting will occur.

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            not sure what else to say.

            with no ram installed,it produces the expected beeps

            add the ram and power on and you get NO beeps (you should get one)

            all fans run Ie vidio card,power sup and cpu fan...

            but no vidio post at all

            what is the symptom of a bad CPU?


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              Can you get up to post?

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                no post no beeps,fans all run

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                  Let's just hope that it is not one of the following: Defective CPU, Mobo, Ram, or Video card. Check your power connection to the mobo: 2x2 - 12v and 2x12 power connectors are properly seated (number 13 in the guide). Check that your cpu is properly installed (the plastic cover must be removed and the cpu properly seated). Install one ram at a time to verify that each one is ok. Is your video card the right one? You might want to download and take a look at the no boot wizard program.

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                    how did you get on with this problem i have just built a i5 650 on this board with kingston pc3 10600 ram and 550w psu and get the same thing.  No ram = 3 long beeps. add ram back in and no beeps at all. fans run and cpu warms up but no post beep

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                      Try this link.


                      Note: you need a video/graphics card.

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                        ok i had a live chat with a intel tech person and it turns out this board didn't have a late enough bios for my i5 650 cpu. use the recovery bios  it fixes the problem

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                          So you just update the bios and your problem is solve w/out using a video card?

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                            yes theres a pci-e video card in there. just burn the bio type bios recovery file to a cd and remove bios jumper from the board and boot machine. the machine did'nt post but i waited and after a  couple of minutes it booted screen and started doing bios update and then the machine worked fine. i build about 40 machines a month and i have never come across this type of problem before. i even bought a second set of all the hardware which offcause did'nt work for the same reason.

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                              Thank You. That did the trick

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                                This is great! It solved my problem! Thank you guys! I really wish that they would tell us when you look at the compatibility chart on the Intel website.

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                                  I'm building dozens of these machines and having the same problem--seems to be independent of the board, processor, video card, and memory.  The fans come on, it seems to be aware of its surroundings (responds to reset, power on, etc.)  Just no video, no messages on the screen, and no beeps.


                                  Currently, I have the board, processor, memory, and video card on the bench just trying to get it to post.


                                  Here are the specifics:


                                  Intel PD55WB motherboard*

                                  Intel i5-650 3.20 GHz CPU w/OEM fan and heatsink*

                                  EVGA GT220 PCIe Graphics card*

                                  Avant 2GDDR3-1333 x2 in DIMM 0 (channel A & B)*

                                  1200W PC Power & Cooling certified power supply*

                                  Known good LCD monitor connected with VGA


                                  * brand new, out of the box


                                  There is no HD, no CD-ROM, nothing else attached to this board--although I have one in a case almost exactly like it and two more at work that are more or less paperweights.


                                  I downloaded the latest BIOS and put it on a memory stick.  I put it in the onboard USB socket and pulled the jumper and reset the system.  The light on the memory stick flashed for a while, and after about 5 min it rebooted.  But nothing was ever displayed on the screen and nothing has improved.


                                  I need to figure out the problem so I can start building these systems.  Help!



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                                    Update:  I repeated the bios update steps and this time let it run its course longer and got to the intel splash screen--it had a menu on it with one of the options being F7 for bios update.  I didn't have a keyboard on it.


                                    Plugged in a USB keyboard and it wouldn't recognize it.  Repeating the update steps and it still wont see the keyboard.  Trying different USB slots and no luck so far.  Grrrr.



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