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    IRST system disk not present


      I a using IRST and I am in the process of creating a Raid 1 from my system volume. However IRST does not see the system disk.

      It is present und disk management within IRST but the system disk does not show under configure. There I can only see all other disks but not my system disk. Thus I am not able to create the Raid 1 volume.


      It is similar to the issue here: Re: Unable to create RAID 1 array including system volume  but this never seems to have been resolved.


      When I check the Dell page How to create a RAID 1 volume within Windows using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology utility | Dell Deutschland  it clearly shows that normaly the system disk should show up and it shold be possible to select it to create a Raid 1 array.


      So what can I do?