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    DH77EB bricked? No display in recovery mode?


      I tried updating my DH77EB motherboard's bios (recklessly to the latest version without going through a progression)

      using the Windows method. My computer restarted and then as it tried to boot up again, it goes off after a second or two. This repeats every time it tries to boot.


      I tried recovery and I noticed that if the jumper was in the 2-3 position, the same thing would happen except i hear 3 tiny ticks before it shuts down. And if the jumper was removed, the whole thing would stay on but no display comes out.


      After searching other threads around here, I found there were other people who had encountered a similar experience. I've followed several peoples' successful methods to try to recover the motherboard but no luck. Putting everyone's methods together this is what I tried:


      1. Unplugged everything (main power, all usb devices, etc.) and drained power by holding the power button.

      2. Removed CMOS battery and yellow jumper.

      3. Let everything stay idle for half an hour at least.

      4. Formatted a USB stick (tried several formats, FAT, FAT32, NTFS. also tried two different sticks) and copied the bios file to the usb stick with that being the only file in the drive. (I used the bios that came with the board)

      5. Plugged in the USB stick. (tried all usb ports)

      6. Reseated the main power supply to the mobo and all other necessary connections to the PSU. Also plugged in main power. At this point everything is kept to bare minimum: CPU, RAM, Mobo, and monitor connected through DVI port.

      7. Power on and hope it starts recovery

      8. If failed, rinse and repeat to try other usb ports (occasionally attempting to reset the cmos)


      Now for several others this should work fine. But in my case the same result happens every time; No display, but everything else is powered up, fans are spinning. USB does not flicker, and nether does the front LED though.


      I'm just asking again in case I've missed a few factors like:


      • Does the usb drive's file format matter? Does the port it's plugged in matter?
      • Does the bios recovery screen necessarily have to show up for it to start updating? Someone had implied that the screen may not show up and you may have to wait a couple minutes before shutting down, though it's not made certain.
      • Someone else mentioned using the hdmi port to get the display. I'm not able to try this as I only have a DVI monitor, guess I'm stuck with waiting for a few minutes and guessing if the recovery was successful?
      • Any other things I can try? I'm not ready to give up on this board just yet.
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          Here's answers to your questions:


          1. It's not supposed to, but yes, it does make a difference. You want to use FAT32. Format the flash drive from a Windows-based PC.
          2. No, not necessarily. I have seen cases where it actually proceeds without a display (it's using a non-existent display for some (unknown) reason). When this is the case, you need to wait 15 minutes before powering off. If you have not been waiting this long, there is the possibility of it still being in progress and you could definitely (and possibly permanently) brick your BIOS this way. In this case, only a factory restore will work (are you inside the 3-year warranty period? If so, Intel will replace the board).
          3. What processor are you using? Are you using a plug-in graphics card? If you are not using an add-in graphics card and are instead relying on the board's DVI connector, try switching to the HDMI connector (a HDMI-to-DVI adapter costs less than US$10) or to the DisplayPort connector (again, a DP-to-DVI adapter is less than US$10). If both of these also fail, try using a add-in PCIe graphics card (if you cannot borrow one, a cheap one costs US$28 and even less if used). If you are already using an add-in PCIe graphics card, try removing it and using the DVI connector on the back of the board.
          4. What? I didn't give you enough already?


          Hope this helps,


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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Thank you very much to N.Scott.Pearson for the comments posted previously.
            To eufrik:
            I just want to confirm the information posted previously, basically you tried all the troubleshoot steps that we recommend.
            Did you try the option of waiting 15 minutes for the BIOS recovery to get completed?
            Besides that, the next thing to do will be to replace the board, if you have the proof of purchase, and it shows the board was purchased less than 3 years ago, we can always replace it for you.
            If you are interested in the replacement, please get in contact directly with us through chat, email, phone or online support, you just need to select motherboards on product type and you will get those options:
            Any questions, please let me know.

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              Thanks for all your replies. I think I've exhausted my options here as I've tried the only things left I could try. And yes I've already left the BIOS recovery to complete for at least 30 minutes several times, but still the same thing happens when the jumper's in the normal position. And unfortunately, I'm way past the 3 year warranty period so I'm just going to have to replace this board.


              However, I hope the methods and options listed here are going to help anyone else facing the same problem.


              Thanks for all your help!


              P.S. Yes scott, you've given quite enough