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    HLAPI ReferenceParameter not filled




      If I follow the instructions in the blog post "Simple AMT WS-Eventing in PowerShell with the High Level API" at Simple AMT WS-Eventing in PowerShell with the High Level API - IT Peer Network the output from the event does not include the address of the machine sending the event. Somehow I think this is rather an important piece of data.


      What seems to be happening is that the ReferenceParameter not is not being filled. I've been trying different things one thing I tried was:


      $delmode = [Intel.Manageability.Events.DeliveryMode]::Push
      $sub = New-Object Intel.Manageability.Events.Subscription($lstn,$wsfilter,"MyPMD-000",$delmode)


      $sub.SenderIDPlacing = [Intel.Manageability.Events.SenderIDPlacing]::HTTPHeader



      The output is then as the blog page describes.


      My questions are:


      1) Is this the expect behaviour?


      2) in the method void Subscribe( Subscription subscription, DigestAuthentication digest, XmlDocument referenceParameters ) what would the xml document be like and how is it defined?