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    NUC6i7kyk W7 Bluetooth problem




      I have a NUC6i7KYK with Windows 7 64 bits installed and I have problems with the Bluetooth. First at installation I installed the driver BT_18.16.1_64_Win7. When I tried to connect an external speaker the only menu for connecting a Bluetooth I found (nothing whatsoever in tray) was for transferring files to another computer. Then I tried to install a newer driver BT_19.00.1621_64_Win7. However the installation did not run through all the way, instead it stopped halfways and then rolled back again. Ok I waited for an even newer driver and installed BT_19.00.1629_64_Win7 and the installation seemed to complete as expected. However, after restart I just receive a message that I have an USB-unit that can´t be identified. Still I only have a Bluetooth menu for transferring files to another computer. My guess is that the Bluetooth unit is internally connected through an internal USB-port and now the computer does not recognize the unit as a Bluetooth radio unit. Nothing at all in the device manager! My question is very simple, what can be done in order to get the Bluetooth radio working?


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