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    Can't access MEBX to enable AMT on NUC5i5MYHE


      So I ordered a single NUC5i5MYHE system to test before we made a large desktop purchase at work. The idea was that I'm one guy and provisioning a ton of systems one at a time wasn't a useful way fro me to spend my time. The idea was to use AMT to remotely install the OS's over the network all at once. Unfortunately, I absolutely can't access the MEBX to enable AMT. It won't take the Control+P. I can get into the BIOS just fine every time but can not access the MEBX. I disabled NumLock in the BIOS as per instructions elsewhere but it had no effect. I've also tried multiple keyboards from different manufacturers. The BIOS is updated to the most recent version.


      Anyone have any incite on how to get past this road block? I need to get these desktops done sooner rather than later.