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    WiFi wlan0 interface missing on power up

      1. I am finding with my Intel Aero board that the wlan0 interface is not present after I first power-up, which means there is no WiFi.
      2. To get the wlan0 interface to be recognized, I currently do a soft reboot via the "reboot" command. After the soft reboot, the wlan0 interface is available, but the WiFi access point is not visible.
      3. To get the WiFi access point to be visible, I need to execute the following three commands, documented on the Wiki:

           killall NetworkManager

           /etc/rc1.d/K20autostart-hostapd.sh stop

           /etc/rc1.d/K20autostart-hostapd.sh start


      This is fine when the board is on my desk, but once I mount it in a drone it's going to be very inconvenient. Ideally, the WiFi access point would be available after power-up, without any manual intervention. Will the above issues be resolved so that this is possible? Are patches on the way? (or do I need a firmware update?) I'm using the image that came preprogrammed on the device. Are there other ways to get the wlan0 interface to be recognized without a soft reboot? I also noticed that occasionally the board hangs during a soft reboot at the udev line in the boot sequence. I will give more details next time it happens. I realize the board is very new and there will be issues to iron out, but I would like to ensure that the WiFi issues are on the radar. Once the WiFi is up and running, it is working very nicely as far as I can tell so far, although my testing is only in its early stages.