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    Is it possible to get the FPGA signal mapping?


      The Wiki page FPGA Programming · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub lists the FPGA Signal Mapping as Coming soon... Is there a timeline when that will be available?

      Also, is the 6-pin connector on the bottom of the board near the USB 3 OTG connector (which is on the other side of the board) the JTAG connector that can be connected to a USB Blaster as per the pinouts on the aforementioned Wiki page?

      Finally, is there documentation on the functionality and pin assignments for the /etc/CR_FPGA.jam FPGA? How are FPGA registers accessed from a user application (or kernel driver)? For example, do the /dev/i2c-xxx drivers assume a certain FPGA program or do none of those I2C drivers actually access the FPGA? If some do access the FPGA, which ones? The same could be asked of the GPIO. Are they routed through the FPGA or are they separate? There are GPIO chips under /sys/class/gpio but which pins are available for user applications and where to they come out on the connectors?


      I apologize for asking so many questions. If there is documentation somewhere that I am missing, please refer me to it and I will happily read it. I'm only asking because I couldn't find the documentation I needed.


      Thank you for your assistance.