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    Can't use 1080p on full HD TV over Miracast


      Hi, I'm currently using my Notebook to connect to my LG webOS LH6000 TV and while the connection works, I can't seem to change the resolution.


      My notebook screen is 1366x768 natively. My TV is 1920x1080. The steps I take to connect are: Win+P, connect to a wireless display, choose my TV, connect.


      Then I went to right click, display settings and choose extend this displays. Since I know wouldn't be possible to mirror with 1080p. However, even after in extend mode, I can't change my TV resolution to 1080p, it is capped in the same resolution as the notebook. I also tried going to the Intel graphics setting, same thing.


      Here's my DxDiag: DxDiag - Pastebin.com

      Intel Report from Cpanel: Intel Report - Pastebin.com It clearly states it supports 1080p.


      And here are two screenshots of configurations mentioned above.




      Any ideas on how to run my TV on 1080p? I even tried to run it as "Second screen only", disabling my notebook screen and making the TV the main display, still only goes as far as 1366 x 768.