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    My wireless mode settings for my dual band only allowing 802.11 a/b/g -  no option for ac??


      I have the latest drivers installed. This is the same situation on my desktop Ethernet connection. I'm talking about if you go into the Properties of the adapter, select advanced,

      I'm attaching a pic.

      I'd appreciate any help. I just feel like I'm not getting as much thruput as I could be because of this setting. And I'm sure these settings come from Windows. I remember back when I was using XP the wireless mode was behind then as well and this part of the settings/properties looks almost exactly like it did on XP.


      It is connecting to the 5.2 Ghz wi-fi connection - I guess it could be worse and it was connecting to the 2.4 Ghz!


      And, there are at least 4 or 5 of those settings that I've never understood. Am I the only one? I'm running the Intel Dual Band AC -7265. And my router is an AC 1200 dual band Netgear R6100. My ISP is sending me 75 Mbps.




      Settings and preferred mode on AC 7265.jpg

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          Intel Corporation
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          We understand your concern so we are more than glad to clarify any doubts you may have regarding not seeing the letters AC mode explicitly. On Intel® Wireless Adapters such as the one you have installed. The AC mode can be found on the HT Mode option.  Just change the HT Mode to VHT Mode - VHT stands for Very High Through put commonly known as 802.11ac

          Please, just bear in mind that if you select the Preferred Band to Prefer 5.2GHz band only, your computer will only connect to an available AC connection. It will discard any 2.4GHz connectivity. Important to have in mind that AC has a shorter range than that of the 2.4GHz and is more susceptible to physical interference such as wall and other solid objects.

          Here are some tips that might help you improve your throughput.

          1. Make sure you are running the latest drivers for your wireless adapter. If your wireless adapter is installed by factory, always prefer to use the drivers provided by your computer manufacturer. As a second option you can use the generic drivers found in our download center. Here is the link to it: Downloads for Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 - Package Version 19.10.0. The driver for this adapter in this link is the the - Make sure you choose the one according to your OS version and architecture 32 or 64 Bit

          2. Make sure your router is running the latest firmware.

          3. Use only one wireless standard - Though the wireless standards (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac) are backward compatible with each other, you should stick with one standard for your router and Wi-Fi devices for best performance. And obviously try to use the latest standard, which supports the highest speeds and best performance.

          4. Use WPA2 security - For the high speeds on wireless N or AC it is recommended to use WPA2 security with AES encryption. Using WPA or WEP security with TKIP encryption will dramatically reduce bandwidth. Most routers offer a mixed WPA/WPA2 mode, but you should use WPA2 only. Homes should use the personal (PSK) mode, which is the easiest to setup and businesses should use the enterprise (RADIUS) mode which requires an external authentication server.

          5. Change your wireless channel - Changing your wireless channel might help increase range and performance, especially if you have neighboring networks set on the same channel or interference from other electronics. It’s best to check channel usage with a program like Vistumbler or inSSIDer, but you can simply try other channels as well to see which one is best. *NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

          6. Change default channel width of router - The higher speeds of wireless N and AC can only be achieved by using the 40MHz wide channels. For wireless N (and possibly wireless AC), the default channel-width set on routers is only 20MHz. But you can login to the control panel of the router and in the wireless settings change the channel-width to auto 20/40MHz.

          We hope these tips helped you to improve your throughput.

          Best regards,


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            Hi Aleki,

            Sorry so late getting back to you. I have had a few technology nightmares I'm dealing with. I got hacked awhile back and long story short, I had to clean up the mess from the hackers then format my primary drive. Before formatting, I did 2 backups of my data, using 2 different programs. I also did an image of my entire drive. When I started the restore, my programs couldn't read my external drive that held the backups. This is a 6 month old WD passport ultra. The SECOND WD Drive to fail me in 9 months.
            So I've been fighting with that for a month. Have gotten where I can access the drive, but it's so awfully slow, it's painful. So I'm trying the recovery route to see what I get. This data is photos from 2004, and more important documents than I could guess, all my music….

            Anyway, I need to take a break from that, it's very tedious.
            Thanks for all the good educational info about your WI FI adapter. I updated drivers, and made the changes you suggested. But even when I changed HT mode to VHT MODE, AND I still had no option to put wireless mode at ac. It still looks the same. I'm not nearly as concerned with that as another problem. I noticed when updating the driver, there is a tab for wireless properties. It says this is an Access point. I see no place to change that setting. I used the free program you mentioned to help me find a good channel and I saw two users connected to Apparent Access Points on my laptop. One was on the 2.4 and one was on the 5.2 band.
            I don't know much about it, but if you access an Access Point, don't u need a password or something? Anyway, that's curiosity. I just don't want anybody ELSE getting access to my computers. That's critical. Being hacked, and very badly hacked... I'm going to do all I can to keep from being breached again.

            Can u tell me how to disable the access point? And if u have time can you tell me why the laptop has an access point? I is it just a wireless thing? How did the access point get there?
            Back to your suggestions, I don't know why I still don't have an option for wireless ac or even wireless N for that matter, with Dell having their proprietary software and hardware in the pot, Plus Msft throwing their stuff in as well, who knows what the hardware is considering as priority or the "BOSS"?
            That is one reason why I started building my own computers several years ago.

            Sorry so long. I'm still pretty new to wireless, and Wi-Fi, still lots to learn.
            Thanks again for your help and time.


            Oh, almost forgot... Something we changed sped things up. When u go into adapter settings, the first screen you see when you double click on the adapter in control panel -  but it shows your "Link Speed". Don't know what laptop was before... like 400 something. After those changes I'm seeing link speeds of 702, 788, as high as 886! Hot Dog. And that was BEFORE I changed channels on the router, which I'm going to do in a minute.
            I think it might get better if we can get those leeches off my laptop!

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              Intel Corporation
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              We certainly understand your concerns about your network security. Regarding the AC speed, when you change to the HT Mode to VHT Mode, it actually enables the AC capabilities of the adapter even though you don't see the letters AC. If you are able to see the bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz and connect to them at your convenience your adapter is working as it should. 

              As for the access point information, could you please send a picture of the whole dialog box where you can see this information. Intel® Wireless Adapter were not designed to act as access points even though you can see this option. Send us the picture so we can take a look in order to help you further.

              We noticed you have mentioned you can now reach speed links of 702 to 886, these speeds are AC.

              Best regard,

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                Hello again Aleki,


                Thanks for your quick response. Yes, those speeds I told you about - I knew I had reached the wireless ac link speeds - my cell phone is wireless ac and it usually has a link speed between 702 and 867. I was very pleased with your help in that matter. I'm glad it came up, because otherwise I might have never known the laptop was acting as an access point.

                I'm sending you several screen shots so you will have all the info you need, hopefully. If you need more info, please let me know. Sorry it takes me awhile to respond but my hours are quite long and often unpredictable.

                Wireless adapter drivers PROVIDERS vary.jpgVistumbler shows active connections after several changes_cr.jpg

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                  I had one more screen shot that shows todays Vistumbler screenshot. I know you've given this a lot of time, but if you can Please read the text in the shots I've sent,

                  and try to give me answers to at least the most critical questions.

                  If you cannot tell me a way to get a view of the IP address of these people, so I can block them with my firewall... do you have an idea how I can kick them off?

                  Thanks again for your time and your help. If I'm not replying to you, I've been just keeping the laptop disconnected from the internet, which is very difficult right now

                  because of the problems I'm having with my desktop and data recovery. I'm very concerned about what might be going on while these connections are active.



                  Vistumbler AP connections 100416_cr.jpg

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                    There are many ways you can secure your network from unwanted users and the way you do that actually depends on your router manufacturer.
                    In your case, since you have a NETGEAR* router  here is a link from NETGEAR* that will help you maintain your network secured. Securing your wireless network using WPA2 


                    This manufacturer also offers an application that you can use on your smartphone to monitor your network and control who has access to it. Please access this link for further information on it: NETGEAR Genie™ for your convenience, here is the guide to it: NETGEAR Genie™ App User Manual


                    If you want to make sure you have this option is disabled or turned off on your computer, you need to access your computer settings for that. On our best effort to assist you, here is link that explains on how to access this feature on your computer: Use your PC as a mobile hotspot if you need additional support on this, please contact Microsoft* for other options of assistance regarding using your computer as hotspot.


                    As we have informed you previously, our adapters are not designed to be used as hotspots so this option may not work as it should. This online document shows what this product offers: Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 - Product Brief as you can verify, hotspotting is not an active feature of this adapter. If you are using third-party applications for this purpose, check with the manufacturer or even disable or uninstall if you feel you may suffer network security breach.


                    We are at you disposal for any clarification.


                    Best regards,

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                      We haven't heard from you in a while so we would like to know the the steps sent to you previously helped clarifying your doubts.

                      Best regards,


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                        Hello, Aleki


                        You haven't heard from me because your last post gave me a couple of suggestions, and told me to read the manual for my Router, and it seemed as though you

                        were finished.

                        I have OF COURSE read my Netgear manual. But in order for me to block users from the laptop access point, I need to know an IP address, OR a port(s) and a type of service.

                        And It's similar with the Windows firewall. 

                        I know nothing about APs, so it's even difficult to phrase my questions to get answers.  I asked you if there was some command that would show me more info about the users who were accessing my laptop, and I never got an answer there either.

                        I asked you 'How do people find my laptop access point' and 'Isn't there some security to get into most APs? A password, or something? And I didn't get an answer from you, so I just assumed that you had given me all the help you could give. And I do appreciate that.


                        I've just been searching more (when I'm not working) and trying to use Windows resources.

                        Thanks for checking in.

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                          Intel Corporation
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                          We do understand how important the security of your network is for you and that is why we sent you all the steps above. However, these configurations are not up to the wireless adapter. As we have informed previously, NETGEAR* can guide you through to a secure network. 

                          Changing the password and hiding the SSID (your network name) from being detected by other clients such as computers, tablets and smartphones is also a way to keep it safe.

                          If you really need to use your computer as an AP (Access Point) to connect other devices, you can check this with Microsoft* in order to obtain instructions on how to make it secure.

                          We hope this clarifies your doubts and questions. If there is anything specific related to the Intel® Wireless Adapter you have in your computer, please let us know as we will be more than glad to assist you.

                          Best regards,

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                            Thanks for your response. I am working with Msft and they are working on a solution. Unfortunately, Netgear has a forum that has a very large volume of posts, and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. I've scoured my user guide, the web, and as I said before.. My router can only block a specific protocol/svc and port combination, or an IP address, or a web site. And the only info I have on my intruders is their Mac address. I know how to create an AP, but don't have any desire or need for one. I was just lucky I was snooping around when I updated drivers. I feel certain it's a windows issue because I bought a Wireless Adapter for my desktop, and it came with software to help you set it up. I decked to use the software, even tho it's a pretty simple install.

                            Their software asks if I want the adapter to be available as an access point. I said NO.


                            Well, it looks just like my Intel AC-7265 when I go into the details - it says Network Type : Access Point. And it has the Sharing Tab option checked to "share this connection", and it is greyed out so you cannot change that setting, and the Setting box is also greyed out.

                            So I'm absolutely, almost 100% certain that when the hackers got into both of my PCs, they set up access points on both. And they may not have used conventional methods to do so. Msft had me type in a command that should show info about the

                            APs, and it came back with a result that claims there are none. So Msft is having to dig further.

                            So, even tho I want the APs GONE!!, I might have to settle for finding a way to block the intruders. I have also posted on ESET Smart Security Forum  asking for help. Their software has a firewall as well, but it's a bit more complex than my router or Windows Firewall. I've been reading their manual as I wait for a response. It's like reading Gone with the Wind. That software does a lot.


                            I do appreciate your input. It got me pointed in the right direction. Even Msft said  "We have a shortcoming there. We have info all over the place telling you how to setup an access point. But the only way we have to delete them, is through the registry."

                            I'd say that was a small oversight by the big "M."


                            C ya

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                              Intel Corporation
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                              We are glad to know we helped to find the proper line of support regarding your network security.

                              Should you have any further questions about our wireless adapter and its functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us. With that being said, we would like to know if there is anything else we can do to assist you.

                              Best regards,