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    Wrong dynamic texture pieces after reloading level in Doom


      I am trying Doom on Intel HD 530. Driver: , OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 , CPU: i7 6700K , MB: Asus  Z170-A , Memory: 32 GB. Doom on 1024x768 low quality. Sometimes after reloading map in Doom with average probabilty( 20% - 80% relative to Doom maps ) I have a issue. In this issue most textures are wrong and always switch to another wrong textures. And after it happens issue stays after restarting doom. I found, thst restarting doom with switching aero desktop from off to on, or on to off, helps to resolve this issue. I think that something dont reseting in driver after reloading doom map or maybe some multithreaded issue with huge amount of textures thats loads asynchronouslyon in first seconds after loading level.