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    NUC6i5SYK - Machine Check: Processor Context Corrupt


      I purchased a NUC6i5SYK back in March paired with:

      - Kingston Technology HyperX Impact 16GB RAM DDR4 2133 HX421S13IBK2/16

      - Samsung 950 PRO -Series 256GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD 2-Inch MZ-V5P256BW


      At the time of purchase, I upgraded the BIOS to the latest available version and ran the machine headless with Fedora Server 23 connected to the network via ethernet.

      About once a week, the machine would lock up and become completely unresponsive, requiring a hard reset by holding down the power button. Strangely, when it locked up it also seemed to be spamming the network with traffic because my router would light up like a Christmas tree. This was an annoyance but I'm not running mission-critical services on the box so I assumed it was teething troubles and after a future BIOS update, the system would become more stable.


      However, I recently upgraded the BIOS to 0052 and then tried to install Fedora 24. The system completely locked up halfway through the installation process. I tried again about 3 times with the same results. I then tried to install Ubuntu 16.04 with similar issues. Finally, I tried Archlinux 2016.09.03 which managed to get through the installation process but after about 3 minutes of running the freshly installed system, I'm getting the following error before the machine reboots:




      I've tried resetting the BIOS settings to defaults and also ran memtest86 which showed no problems with the RAM.


      Will it be possible to return this machine to Intel and get a replacement?