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    Intel Galileo: Info about clloader.sh


      Hi all,

      I am a newbie at Intel Galileo .

      I have an Intel GaliIeo gen1 and I was looking for some detailed information about the clloader.sh process.

      In particular, I was questioning myself about the standard input and the standard output of that process.

      From what I read, I understood that the clloader.sh looks for /sketch/sketch.elf and run it if found.

      Then, the clloader also redirects the standard output of the Arduino sketch to /dev/ttyGS0, making it visible on the Serial Monitor running on a connected Linux PC.

      But, what is about the standard input?. Does the clloader take the input from the serial port /dev/ttyGS0 (hence from the serial monitor on the remote PC) and redirect it to the running Arduino sketch?.


      Thanks in advance for your help.