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    Dish Anywhere Playback Flickering


      I've just received a new computer that I want to use as a 2nd TV at times using the Dish Anywhere feature.  I've used the app on tablets and the website on my laptop, and never had an issue.  However with this new PC I am getting a playback screen that flickers.  This Dell All-in-One unit comes with the Intel HD Graphics 530 adapter.  Researching the issue online, I can see that several have had this issue, but I cannot find a posted resolution.


      The flickering or flashing is constant whether viewing live TV or recorded DVR programs.  I've tried multiple drivers, updated flash, and updated to the Intel driver.  No changes.  It reminds me a bit of the old days where if the refresh rates weren't in sync there would be an issue.  I never lose video though.  It is a bit choppy but the real issue is the brightness flickering, almost like it would look if people were taking flash photography of the scene.


      I'm hoping someone on the forum has some information that can help!!