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    Realsense R200 freezes with NVIDIA Tegra K1

      When we plug the Realsense R200 in to our TK1, running the "r200_nodelet_default" node, it freezes the TK1, does not show any further messages, and does not show any errors after this message:


      [ INFO] [1474748112.582733021]: /camera - Starting camera


      We have to always press the Reset button on the TK1 after this happens.

      Any idea why the Realsense freezes the node/TK1?


      Here's what we've tried:

      • To make sure Realsense gets enough power, we plugged it in to a USB hub, which has its own power adapter.
      • To make sure it's not a USB speed issue, we disconnected all other things to the USB hub, which is USB 3.0
      • We have the Grinch kernel installed on the TK1.
      • To make sure it's not an HDMI issue, we removed the cable and are SSHing into the TK1.
      • Power draw is ~10-15% before running ROS, and ~20% running ROS and the node, regardless of whether the camera is plugged in.


      Update: Running "r200_nodelet_rgbd.launch" with the Realsense plugged in makes all cores go to 100% and freezing.