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    NUC6i7KYK - Latest Display driver (.4501) problem




      when i install the latest Display Driver (4501), Windows (10 Pro, x64) shows up 5 different displays (desktop is stretched across them) and Intel Display Settings won`t start anymore (i`ve also tried to start it up through the different exe-files). I`ve de-/reinstalled the driver multiple times but it ends up all the same. I've tried to remove them in the windows display settings (right-click -> disconnect display) but it doesnt work. The 4 additional displays run on 1280x1024. My display is connected through DisplayPort (dp mini -> dp).


      Currently i`m using the Driver 4481, which seems to work properly. Is there a workaround for this issue ?


      Complete Hardware info:


      32GB Kingston RAM (HX421S13IBK2/32)

      2x 512GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2

      BenQ XL2720Z