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    Screen garbled/tearing in Windows 7 when waking from Sleep (GMA4500)


      I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro with the GMA4500 integrated graphics.  I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise (equivelent to Ultimate).  The graphics are running perfectly, however if I put the laptop to "sleep" and leave for longer than about 20 minutes, when I wake it the screen is a mess with large areas of what can only be escribed as TV static (but with colours).  At first I thought the laptop had a faulty conenction but no, this only occurs when waking from sleep.


      I have updated the drivers, tried drivers from Toshiba and Intel site.  Currently on the latest ones from Toshiba - which match the latest Intel version - I suspect its the same file.


      To fix the screne I have to restart the laptop.  If the laptop wakes from Hibernate it is also fine.  In fact its rock solid except for this issue.


      Any ideas on this one?  Tried changing resolution etc to kick the driver/chip into life but the problem persists until a reboot.

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