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    Whats another method for debugging/serial coms when using OTG port


      I've been writing a program using Arduino IDE. And normally you would just use the console on there to send your messages or data to use for debugging using Serial.print() ect... and it would show up on the console in Arduino IDE.


      I am using a serial device connected to the OTG usb-A port on the arduino breakout board.  That took me a while to figure out but I accomplished with this.


      RingBuffer rx_buffer_AVT;
      TTYUARTClass SerialAVT(&rx_buffer_AVT,3,false);


      But with this being the main part of my sketch, I am no longer able to use the Arduino IDE console as when the switch is flipped to use the USB-A port, the standard one that you plug the computer into no longer functions. Therefore no more Arduino Console.


      At the moment I am just looking for something else that's similar to the console window that I can print to so I can debugg my program.