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    no audio stk1a32sc


      my stk1a32sc has been working on my tv for months with windows 10 home x86 but due to a malware infection I had to factory restore it and I am unable to get hdmi audio to work following restore.  There is an unknown device that cant be resolved I have attempted to install all the drivers from the support site for the display and this doesn't resolve the issue. I have also flashed the bios with the most recent option. I have repeated the factory reset and allowed windows update to obtain drivers, this didn't resolve the issue. I have also attempted to install every older version of the display device on the support website. none of these resolve the problem. ssu information attached.


      unknown device:




      I also note that a number of followers of this threads are having similar issues


      Re: "No audio Output Device is installed" Intel compute Stick Stk1aw32sc