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    difference between SSDPEKKF256G7ES and SSDPEKKF256G7X1 ?


      What is the difference between these two model numbers of 6000p m2 ssd drives?

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          That's a very good question! Thanks for asking. We are sure many other users will find it very helpful. The difference between one and the other is the following:

          • SSDPEKKF256G7X1  indicates that the Intel® SSD Pro 6000p Series (256GB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0 x4, 3D1, TLC) is a reseller single pack as you can confirm it here: ark.intel.com -Intel® SSD Pro 6000p Series 
          • SSDPEKKF256G7ES - Indicates that this drive is an Engineering Sample and it is NOT meant to be sold to end-users.
          We hope this clarifies your doubts. Please let us know if you have any other questions or doubts.

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