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    D975XBX and Windows 7


      Anyone get this old board to work under windows 7?  I am planning to do a clear install of wondows 7 with this board.  However, the only driver available from the download center is the AHCI driver.  Will the Vista drivers for audio and LAN work under Windows 7?  Thanks in advance.



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          I know that it works for D975XBX2. I did not get the chance to try it on the D975XBX.


          If you are not so sure, why dont you create an image of your drive, in case of failure, you can just load the previous image back.
          Make sure that you have a complete separate and verified backup if you have important data.




          Run the XP/Vista Drivers on Compatibility Mode:
          # Right click on the setup.exe and select properties
          # Select the Compatibility tab
          # In the compatibility mode section check the box “Run the program in compatibility mode for:”
          # Select the following in the drop down “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)”
          # At the bottom of the properties window set the privilege level by checking the box in front of “Run the program as an administrator”
          # Click Apply
          # Click OK to exit out of the properties window
          # Double click on the setup.exe and follow the normal install/setup steps


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            I have been running Windows 7 on this computer for nearly two years (including Beta and RC at the appropriate times).  I am using a Pentium D processor with the board and have had no problems until the last week or so.  Now, It hangs at the Intel splash screen on start up.   It will eventually start, after somewhere between 3 and 20 attempts.   I suspect an intermittent fault with the board.