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    NUC6i3SYK HDMI Video and Audio out issue.


      I have a Intel NUC6i3SYK that has Windows 10 installed that I bought this week to be used as media center or HTPC. The issue I am having with it is getting display and audio from the HDMI port out. It goes through a harman/kardon AVR 1565 receiver, then goes through a HDMI splitter before going to me TLC TV.


      I have tried various different configurations. The Display and sometime audio works when I plug the NUC to the receiver to the TV. And I get display if I plug in the NUC to the splitter to the TV but no audio. When I plug in my NUC to just the TV I get Audio and Display. But nothing in the configuration that I want. I am sure all of my HDMI cable are good and everything is HDMI to HDMI. I have been reading posts about NUCs with similar issues but it was an older post with NUCs that were different models then mine. There was no real solution an it had to deal with the drivers/bios. One of the solutions was getting a device called Dr HDMI. But I would like to avoid spending another $100 if possible.


      I have other devices that go through this configuration just fine, such as game systems and other computers. But the NUC fails to do this.


      I have also uninstalled and installed the Audio and video drivers numerous times.


      Any help to resolve this issue would be great