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    Intel i7-6700k onboard grafic flickering



      i just assembled a brand new Computer with an i7-6700k and an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Mainboard. And i have huge trouble using the onboard grafics!

      Did a new Installation of Windows 10 but at the first start the montitor immideatly starts flickering. (se attached Video).


      The strange ting is, that the Picture is ok (still some vertical lines on the Screen) when i uninstall the Intel Driver and start using the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" provided by Windows.

      Things i tried so far:

      - update to latest Intel driver

      - tried several older Intel drivers

      - updatet Motherboard bios

      - changed to a different DVI cable

      - Ran "Intel Processor diagnostic Tool" - whithout any erros occuring


      Hope someone has any suggestions what to do.


      Regards René