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    How do you handle data in AP Mode?


      Hello there! After hours of scrutinizing the forums for an answer with no luck, I decided to ask you guys...

      I configured my Intel Edison to be in Access-Point mode to have reliable data transfers (hopefully). But I cannot progress further since the examples in Arduino's WiFi library is for Edison's client mode.


      My setup is basically using a Java client and the server would be the Edison. The Java client is connected to the access point and is sending bytes in the form of UDP packets to it (Specifically using DatagramPacket and DatagramSocket). The bytes I send are specific commands that the Edison would act upon ie. take a photo, etc.


      This would be the example I would like to implement if so... Arduino - WiFiSendReceiveUDPString


      https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/WiFiSendReceiveUDPStringHow can I handle this received data sent to the Edison?

      Are there libraries specific to this AP configuration?

      How can I send data back to the client?


      Please advise. My project is about implementing a command system for my UAV while also sending retrieved data from various sensors back to the client.


      I'm using an Edison (Yocto 1.7.3), Sparkfun breakout boards and programming with the Arduino IDE (1.6.11).





      A student