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    [Intel System Studio IoT Edition] problem with arguments to be passed to Java application



      I had to put arguments for my java code like this pic :

      Screenshot from 2016-09-22 12-18-35.png


      And after apply, I clicked run. One .sh file is created in Edison and before it got deleted, I had read the .sh file. What I found is :



      rm -f JavaDMv0Fifo



      chmod 777 /tmp/JavaDMv0.jar

      set -e

      mkfifo -m=0666 JavaDMv0Fifo

      java -cp .:/usr/lib/java/*:/tmp/JavaDMv0.jar  -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,address=8005 com.tcs.edison.dmagent.TcupLeshanTest "-ep "testdev1" -key "key#demo" -cp "5688" -ip """ 2>&1 > JavaDMv0Fifo &

      cat < JavaDMv0Fifo

      rm -f JavaDMv0Fifo


      As it is clearly seen, the whole string of arguments in the picture is inside double quote. ie.


      "-ep "testdev1" -key "key#demo" -cp "5688" -ip """


      But what actually needed was :


      -ep "testdev1" -key "key#demo" -cp "5688" -ip ""


      I had searched where to change this behaviour (most possibly this is due to running remotely from Intel System Studio. As, if I run this as Java application from Intel System inside my PC, there is no such issues). But I didn't find any point. Let me know how to change this.


      This is the configuration for my PC :


      Screenshot from 2016-09-22 12-28-52.png