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    NUC6i7KYK shows black screen when turned on first time with display plugged into a connected Razer Core


      There's nothing too special in my configuration: 32gb ddr4 ram, dual samsung 950 pro in raid + razer core with gtx1080 in it. I prefer to connect my display to the Razer Core to minimize the amount of wires plugged into the NUC. There's a problem however.

      I often take the NUC it to work, and come back home in the evening. There's however a problem for my scenario. The screen is black when I plug everything in and the display is connected to the Core.


      Right now the fix is to connect the display to the NUC, turn it on, power up, log into windows. After that I reboot with display connected to the Razer Core and everything works fine.

      It appears on first boot there's some "virtual display" on the NUC and windows marks it as primary. You can move the mouse pointer to your black screen, but there's no UI so it is quite useless.

      If you don't unplug the NUC from the power socket, everything boots up nicely afterwards. Reconnect the power and you'll have the black screen again if your screen is connected to the Core.


      The whole combination works flawlessly if you don't take this bug into account. Please help me with fixing it. I can provide any other information required for this to be resolved.

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