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    right mouse problem


      As the title suggests, i am having a little problem with my right mouse button.

      Some days it doesn't work, some days it does, now it doesn't unless i do some spamclicking. it's also explained here ( Mouse Right-Click sometimes not working - Forums - CNET ) but better by someone else, although his solution didn't work for me.

      It's not the mouse itself that is the problem because i have 2 different ones and i also tried sticking them in different gates.

      By the way, i am on a laptop and the touchpad right mouse option just works normally.

      To solve this problem i tried a clean reboot,disabling all start-up programs and  this link (Removing the Right Click Desktop Menu for Graphics Drivers ), sadly all without any real succes.

      Since reading on the internet gave me the idea this might be a "drivers" problem, i came to this website in hope of some help.

      Thanks in advance.