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    Problem with installing Intel Graphic Driver from a batch file


      I have a problem with installing Intel graphics driver from a batch file. After deploying prepared OS image (with no graphic driver installed) our script executes and the problem appears when it comes to install gfx driver - here's how the batch file looks like:


      SET SHARE_PATH= \\path\to\gfx\driver

      SET DIR_NAME= 4483

      cmd /c "%SHARE_PATH%\%DIR_NAME%\Installer-Release-64-bit\Setup.exe" -s


      I even tried to replace the above command with the following one:

      cmd /c PnPutil.exe -i -a "%SHARE_PATH%\%DIR_NAME%\Installer-Release-64-bit\Graphics\igdlh64.inf" >> "C:\GFX_INSTALLATION_LOG.txt"


      ... and here's the "GFX_INSTALLATION_LOG.txt" output:


      Microsoft PnP Utility

      Processing inf :            igdlh64.inf

      Successfully installed the driver on a device on the system.

      Driver package added successfully.

      Published name :            oem40.inf

      Total attempted:              1

      Number successfully imported: 1


      Unfortunately none of this two methods work for me. I'am able to install graphics drivers (simply by executing Setup.exe), but it's impossible to install them by script just after deploying OS image - under Device Manager the Display adapter remains as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter:



      What's interesting, the script works as expected when executed again after 1st or 2nd OS reboot:



      I discovered this issue on driver v. and v. I verified it also on driver v. and there's no problem - I'm able to install it manually as well as by executing .bat script.

      Verified on: Windows7_x64, Windows7_x86


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!