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    Use qmsi driver in zephyr project.



      How to use qmsi driver in Zephyr project.

      I want to use qmsi driver that placed in ext folder from Zephyr in ISSM.

      But if I add #include <qm_"drivername".h>

      in build i have - fatal error: qm_pwm.h: No such file or directory.

      Step by step

      1. Open ISSM

      2. File->new->Intel project for microcontroller

      3. Intel Quark SE C1000

      4. Zephyr Project (1.4)

      5. Zephyr Nano Kernel

      6. Drivers->GPIO

      7. Finish generate project

      and me need use timer with interrupt every 1ms.

      Quark SE C1000 have 4 timer/counter I want to use this timers. Zephyr driver not provide interface for this in qmsi have this timer.

      Please help me configure ISSM for use qmsi function in my src.