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    Problem with  win 7 64bit on new Intel x25-m 80 gb


      Just made a clean install,on Intel x25-m (Firmware: 2CV102HD) with intel_msm_8.9.4.1004-full(www.station-drivers.com) drivers (the 64bit

      loaded under the installation) install INF Update Utility  Ver: then msm_8.9.4.1004 and its working fine.
      install a couple of games and its runing nice ( 264Mb/s read in crystaldiskmark2.2) then...
      i plug in my netkable and as soon as i setup my network, Windows 7  prompt me to select the type of location.

      Once i select Home Network, (Windows 7 will start applying the necessary settings for my new network) i register

      windows 7 no problem

      but after ca 10 min got this errors.........and it is lacking
      The driver detected a controller error on \ Device \ HardDisk0 \ DR0.
      and i Matrix Storage Manager im back to generation 1...
      still same drivers under my controller ( and now 84 Mb/s read in crystaldiskmark2.2) after reboot im back to generation 2 i Matrix Storage Manager

      but 2 min later im in with the same problem...any idea what windows are doing?

      thanks in advance

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          Hello, I would like to let you know that so far at the lab and with that Solid State Drive we test Windows* 7 and it works just fine using the 64 bit version, I will suggest to perform a secure erase and try to install the operating system, if that does not work you can add the Solid State Drive in a working operating system and format or initialize the Solid State Drive and then try to install Windows* 7 64 bit operating system.