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    NUC6i7KYK Skull Canyon NUC Bricked?


      Hardware configuration: NUC6i7KYK Skull Canyon NUC with Samsung 950 PRO, 32GB Crucial DDR4 2133 RAM.


      We are experiencing a failure to POST situation with our NUC6i7KYK Skull Canyon NUC.


      The NUC seemed to work okay for the first few days. We installed Windows 10, we updated the bios and firmware, installed the latest Intel drivers, etc. We had UnrealEngine 4 working properly, and things seemed to be going well.


      Then, we left the NUC running (presumably sleeping), for a few days, and today when we came back to it, it was unresponsive to mouse or keyboard input - nothing would bring the display back from sleep mode. After giving up, we powered down the NUC, pulled the power plug for a few seconds, and then tried again.


      The power LED does turn on, and the fans start spinning; but, the monitor does not come out of sleep mode (via either HDMI or miniDP). After some time, the LED flashes off (the system seems to momentarily power down), then becomes solid again (the NUC seems to reboot). This cycle repeats indefinitely. There are no beeps or other alerts to help diagnose the issue.


      It seems bricked. Maybe clearing the CMOS battery might help? If I had time to diagnose it, that's what I'd try next (though, I hadn't changed any BIOS settings, so there's not a great reason to think this would solve the problem). Unfortunately, I don't have time to diagnose it properly, so I returned it to Amazon.com and ordered a new one via Prime. Here's hoping the next one lives a longer useful life...


      As an aside, there's another poster on Amazon.com who reported that their's arrived DOA, with the same behavior.

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          Following the BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC instructions seems to have worked - the display turned on, and it went through the recovery procedure properly.


          What I find strange is that we haven't done anything that should have bricked the BIOS. The system was just running fine and then suddenly it wasn't responding anymore.


          Hopefully this won't happen again... and, hope this info helps others.

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            Well, that was short-lived. The system rebooted into the Windows 10 desktop, and all seemed well, for about 10 seconds, before it spontaneously rebooted again, and resumed it's previous no-display-brick-infinite-reboot-cycle.


            I'll try to flash the recovery BIOS again, and see whether setting the jumper to the locked position afterwards (instead of the normal position) helps prevent it from re-bricking itself or not.

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              Just as I was about to perform the recovery procedure again, the NUC displayed some text indicating that it had failed to POST several times and gave me the option to enter the BIOS to change settings or to continue to repeatedly fail (my paraphrasing).


              I typed Y to enter the BIOS, and after some waiting (where I thought maybe it had frozen), it entered the Intel VisualBIOS.


              That seemed promising at first. Though I noticed that the CPU temp was a bit high for idle (60*C) - which is of course nothing out of spec for the CPU; but, doesn't appear to leave a lot of thermal headroom for actually doing anything compute intensive...


              Then, as I was about to investigate some of the BIOS settings, the BIOS locked up. The clock stopped ticking, mouse froze, etc. I have to say, this is the first time I've ever encountered such an unstable BIOS, and it does not exactly give me the warm and fuzzies about this platform...

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                Just rebooted again. Windows attempted to perform automatic recovery. It BSOD'd, with the message: "Attempted write to read only memory."

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                  I just attempted the BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC process again. This time, it booted up to a black screen with a large Intel NUC logo, and seems to be frozen there.


                  As this is supposed to be doing a BIOS recovery procedure, I'm not sure whether to reboot it or wait (forever?) for it?


                  At the same time, the previous BIOS recovery procedure did not do this (it simply jumped to a plain text recovery procedure)...

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                    Thanks for all the good information Layla, any chance you can try some different RAM, see if it performs any differently?

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                      Sounds like a RAM issue as mentioned.


                      If you are overclocking, revert back to SPD defaults.

                      If you have the RAM in the top slot, put it in the bottom slot.

                      If you have two RAM modules, try booting with just one, or just the other.

                      Run memtest from www.memtest86.com

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                        It was not memory. I had two brand new 32GB sticks. Tried only one at a time, in both slots, none of the combinations worked.


                        Additionally, removing the Samsung 950 PRO caused it to start booting to the BIOS again at one point. It did freeze multiple times in the BIOS, again, not inspiring confidence.


                        It did then boot all the way into windows, though, which seemed promising. Until, just as it was logging in, the screen went black again, and it started the infinite reboot cycle yet again. Unfortunately, it has not recovered from that cycle this time - to the degree that it won't even go into the BIOS recovery procedure anymore.


                        I've never seen a more fickle device. The replacement from Amazon arrives tomorrow - I hope I have better luck with that one..

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                          Thanks for the update Layla, but these issues could certainly be RAM.  If there's any chance you could try others, it would be really helpful, but understandable if not.  Please let us know what happens with the replacement!

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                            Intel Corporation
                            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                            Hello Layla,
                            I’m sorry about the issue you have and I will appreciate if you could let us know what the results will be after you receive the replacement.
                            Best wishes,

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                              Just wondering Layla, which exact model number is for the RAM? I also opted for crucial brand of the same speed, so any information would be very interesting (stability is very important for my application). Also interested what version of Windows it was and if it is the Pro version.

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                                The replacement NUC is working fine so far. I just finished reinstalling windows on the 950 PRO SSD, and am currently installing visual studio. This is using the same RAM as the failed NUC which refuses to POST.


                                I'm still not convinced that there isn't a problem in one of the BIOS or firmware updates which caused the other NUC to eventually brick - I have not installed those on this new NUC yet.

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                                  @1kilo Here's a photo of the RAM. I purchased the 32GB Kit (2 sticks) - but currently have one stick in each NUC:IMG_20160927_162123.jpg

                                  I do not believe the RAM to be the issue, and stability is also very important for us. Also, we're using Windows 10 Professional x64. Hope this helps

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                                    Thanks, thats the exact one I ordered. Can you tell me if you updated the bios before you had crashes? Also, you didn't get new ram sticks right? Wondering if the bios update caused some sort of malfunction with the ram.

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