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    IRST says accelerated disk is "inaccessible".


      Recently I had to send my Dell Desktop PC back to Dell for repairs (It needed it's video card replaced). The PC was return to me completely reformatted, with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program on it just like before. Unfortunately, since the computer has been returned to me, IRST says:


      "Acceleration using solid-state drives: Disabled


      The accelerated disk or volume associated with the cache device is inaccessible, and the overall performance is no longer optimized. Please reconnect the accelerated disk or volume, or click Accelerate for more troubleshooting options." It also says "SSD on port 5: normal"


      There is no Accelerate button than I can see though. What I can see, in the program's storage system view, are both my 1.86 TB hard drive and my 30 GB solid state drive, the same two drives I had before I sent the computer away, and both have green check marks by them, indicating that they're connected.


      I called Dell support and they got me to go into my BIOS and change my SATA mode to AHCI. All that did was make it so my computer would not even boot to windows, getting stuck in a never ending cycle of error messages on start up before I changed the setting back. The support seemed puzzled after that.


      Any suggestions?