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    Avoiding Electrocution using Grove Relay - Feedback needed


      Good morning,

      While the French healtchcare system is good, I'd love to avoid having to use it because of pesky power/wattage issues.

      I am putting together a demo and would like to use the Grove Relay (Grove - Relay ) in conjunction with a light that is hooked up to the power (220 v outlet).

      Looking at the doc on the Grove site leads me to think it should be ok but...

      • Here (JavaScript Robotics: Relay with Johnny-Five  ) they mention not using devices more than 24v
      • From what I recall, if a relay is off, the power is then "stored" (to simplify things, don't quote me) in the coil. Looking at the size of the relay, wouldn't be a recipe for disaster and frying a board?
      • What if use the power-switch on the light as the primary on/off controller, the Edison being the secondary.
      • The few instructables out there either use a low voltage battery or nothing at all (meaning no connection to a real powered device) so not much to go with.

      Has anyone tried using the relay with a real power output or are we indeed limited in how much power can go through the board without toasting it?


      Ideas + advices are welcome


      Thank you!