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    Issue with remote control of ISDB-T MyGica Digital USB s870 and Control Panel of Intel HD 4600


      Hi I 'm testing the ISDB -T Digital USB device S870 . perfectly works but I have a problem with the remote control. When I press the button on / off nothing happens (I assume should start the software Total Media 3.5) also with the Total Media 3.5 started when I press either button to change channels nothing happens.

      I probe with another remote control and the same is happening is not a physical problem , the rest of the buttons work well .

      I Probe under Windows 7 pro sp1 64 - bit and Windows 8.1 64 - bit single language and the same applies .

      Later I discover that the problem is related to the Control Panel Intel graphics . The shortcut Ctrl Alt F12 conflicted with the opening and closing button on the remote control and therefore the Total Media. Change this combination of keys on the Control Panel Intel and now operates the remote control. What I can not run are the two channel change buttons . I hope you can help me with this last .


      I tried to leave the default drivers Windows 8.1 also the Windows update and last drives down from the Intel page but did not solve the problem of channel change button . Thank you very much.