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    Content download in Steam kills internet connection on i219-V


      Whenever I start downloading any type of content in Steam (games, updates etc.), initial speed almost immediately starts decreasing to a point when internet connection disappears completely, displaying yellow triangle in notification panel. I've tried every possible fix suggested on the internet concerning Steam client itself. The only thing that helps is setting i219-V to 10Mbps Full Duplex mode (this solution was found in this thread - i219-V Stability Issues when Link Speed is negotiated above 10M-FDx). But that is not a great option, because downloading large modern titles takes way too long. Other network adapters connected via PCI do not have this issue. I've tried installing drivers from mobo vendor (v 20.2) and directly from Intel (v 21.0) - nothing's changed. Windows 7, ASRock B150 Pro4/3.1 motherboard. Please, help me resolve this frustrating issue.