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    Dell XPS 13 with Intel Iris 540 graphics card Windows 10 latest driver


      Using an external display (with installed software) and trying two different branded monitors, on certain screens / applications the display flickers similar to the issues previously reported on Windows 10.


      100% of the time, by opening the System configuration app and clicking on the startup tab the window blacks out and flickers. Similarly, opening a Word document, searching for a word that occurs more than once and clicking the next arrow causes the exact same screen refresh issue.


      I've tried using the downloads available from the Intel download centre and also letting Windows update to the latest version but neither resolve the issue.


      I've tried the Microsoft ClearType text tuner settings, had no affect.


      I've disabled the sub pixel positioning feature, also no affect.


      Under Intel HD settings, power, I've disabled the Panel Self Refresh setting, also no affect.


      This thread is also discussing a similar problem: Huge Problem with Windows 10 and Intel HD Graphics 5500 in Dell XPS 13 (2015)