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    Intel(R) HD Graphics error 43


      Dear Madam, Sir,

      I have encoutered a problem with the upgrade of the Intel(R) HD Graphics driver. Version Date: 11-26-2012
      My Toshiba Sattelite laptop produced a streched horizontal desktop page with a irritating flickering mouse pointer.
      I have looked at the driver information and it says: the driver has been not installed correctly (Code 43)

      I have tried to solve this problem by upgrading the newest driver but I didn't succeed.

      I have folowed the three steps recommended on your website.
      Step 1: Download en Run
      Step 2: Install
      Step 3: Launch and Scan

      During step 3 the program stopped the upgrade procedure and says there was a unknown error.
      I don't have any idea what has been caused this error.
      You can find the whole procedure in three log files as attachments.

      I look forward to hearing from you what possibly can be the solution.

      Nico Hoogzaad