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    Problems with printer with 5520SC. Someone have this issue?


      Well... looks like 5520SC is a pocket of surprises for the new users...... After face that problem of recognition of the second processor (solved by sending the board to warranty and receiving a new one).. Now My problem is....


      I bought a printer HP C4680... Well, installed it on my 5520SC dual Xeon system. Everything seems ok...... only when I turn off the power in the end of the day, and in the next morning try to power on the machine, when the printer has the standby light.


      The beeps from the machine start was ok, but the monitor stays black. No Bios, nothing.....


      Well, the only thing new to machine was the printer.... So I disconnected the cable from USB, anda the macine starts  normal.



      If I plug the cable after the windows logo screen, the printer comes very well to work and print everything.


      If I turn off the printer in the power button and try the start the Pc, It works ok.


      The situation: If the USB cable from printer is plugged, the printer must be turned off to power on the machine.


      I wish to enjoy this machine also as a print server to others, because its has that LAN condition, even when it´s turned off... but it seems to be impossible.



      Try the online support from Intel, but the guy on the other side, only limits to say that it can be an incompatibilty between the printer and the system.


      Someone face that problem sometime???



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          I have seen USB devices that draw too much power cause boot issues.  Unfortunately, the only solution is as you suggested - make sure the printer cannot be pulling any power while the board is powering on

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            Well, Ive found the answer!!


            The support from HP help me.


            This printer, and a lot of other models thar came with card readers may cause some problems in boot, and the computer may not start correctly.


            Because the bios think that the printer is an usb device for boot, and can´t find any info in the card readers....


            The solution for while: Insert a card in one of the readers from printer e leave it here forever!! I put an 1 GB SD card with photos in the reader.


            With this procedure the printer now can stays turned on every time and the computer starts like a charm.


            One thing i didn´t find out is how to print a page from network with the Workstation turned off. Because the lights from network still acessing and the cooler from PSU is working to when you turn off windows. Is that possible????


            Thanks HP, and thanks for Dan_O that try to help to.


            I hope this post can help someone eles in the future.