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    Driver update question


      I've had problems with my "new" PC for several months...got it in July and am on the 3rd motherboard (running XP Pro with SP3).  I want to make sure I have the lastest drivers for all components and if I still have problems, will demand a new PC instead of them trying to fix it!  Anyway, the data sheet I received with the PC indicates the MB is an "Intel BLKDQ45CB mATX Motherboard".  I wasn't sure if that meant I have a Q45 chipset or not, so used the Driver Update Utility to check for an update, and it came back that I do have a Q45 chipset with the current driver being 6.14.0010.5157 and the a newer driver as "14..41.0.5160 (" which I downloaded and tried to install.


      During installation I got a pop-up window that said the version I was installing had not been verified to run on XP.   I terminated the installation and wanted to ask for advice as to whether or not I should proceed with the installation. What's anyone's call on this?


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