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    Unable to run some samples




      I just received my r200 camera and I am having issues running some of the samples (most of the basic ones work fine). Specifically the ScenePerception example (c++). I am getting PXC_STATUS_ACCELERATION_UNAVAILABLE from m_pSenseMgr->Init() in sp_controller.h.  I've copied the section of SDK code receiving the error below and I've also attached my system info from the log tool that comes with the SDK.  I am running windows 10 in Paralles 10 on a late 2013 MacBook Pro. Could this be an issue related to the graphics drivers used by Parallels? Any ideas on possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.



      bool InitPipeline()


      if(m_pSenseMgr->Init() < PXC_STATUS_NO_ERROR)


      std::cout << "SenseManager Init Failed\n";

      return false;



      return true;