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    Booting a DQ45CB with a non-video card PCIe x16 card


      I'm in a situation where I need to use the PCIe x16 slot on this motherboard (DQ45CB) to connect a dual-gigabit ethernet card to my system.

      When I boot, I'm just getting the Intel boot splash (with the bootup hex code changing), got to a black screen with a flashing cursor, then the screen changed to a newline, and then a flashing cursor, and stuck there. It's been there for a couple of hrs, so it's hanging, that's for sure.


      Now when I unplug the dual ethernet card from the x16 slot (when it's off), and I turn it on, it boots just fine to debian. In the BIOS setup, I just set the primary display adapter to IGP but that didn't help. I've only used the IGP for my display so far, and it's working just fine.


      So my problem is that I want to use the dual gbit nic, but the board/bios won't let me. The network card is an Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port by the way.

      How do I resolve this? I already flashed to the most recent bios (0111).