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    Nuc6i7KYK  -  Can I set it up with an older monitor?


      My older monitor is 1920x1080.     I would have to hook up via an older early HDMI on the monitor which has not been used before.

      Right now, the monitor is getting feed via DVI-D.  And, if the output of the monitor has 2,0 channel, can I hook up 2.1 dual audio with subwoofer?


      Or could I use the older monitor  pulling audio separately from the nuc via a USB port? (not for power, but for signal)  Would any of this ruin the nuc; or I could I upgrade the monitor later on with no damage to the nuc?  Can the headphone jack be used as an audio feel to 2.1 speakers with subwoofer?

      I am almost sure I know the answer. Yes, it is safe to hook up the monitor and 2.1 audio to two channel.

      But I want to be sure.