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    CPU Warranty support "system unavailable" for Germany !?




      I already posted that in "solved" questions about the same problem from other users but I tought I should open a new thread because no one of them was from Germany or even Europe.


      Now to my problem:

      I am a realy patiently Person but the RMA for Germany won`t work for two weeks now. Always with the same claim "...System unavailable...".


      I also can´t find a german phone number to call and ask for a solution for my i7-4790K with temperature issues which accured slowly but steady in a time span about two years.

      I am sure it is because of the thermal grease between the "Die" and the "Heatspreader".

      Every other related component such as cooler or thermal grease between CPU and cooler was changed and replaced with new and performant ones but did not help.

      A borrowed replacement CPU i5-4690K worked just fine in the same system. (Board: ASUS Maximus Impact VII, RAM: G-Skill TridentX)


      I also tried the latest Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox Browsers. Always the same with the Warranty request.


      Here are the links I tried:


      Link A via direct Support Contact (then "Intel Prozessoren" button): http://www.intel.de/content/www/de/de/support/contact-support.html#@12




      Link B via the Warranty Center (then "Garantie- Support..." button): http://www.intel.de/content/www/de/de/support/warranty-center.html




      After that I filled the the fields with the wanted informations. With both links A and B it was the same next Page.


      Link1: https://customercare.intel.com/ICS_CreateCase?lang=de-DE




      Link2: https://customercare.intel.com/ICS_CreateCase




      And after I press the "Absenden" (send) button it comes always this:

      Link3: https://customercare.intel.com/ics_create_environment_details




      I really can´t understand such a silly problem for a huge brand like intel and this now for such a long time...



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          Alberto Rodriguez

          Hello Inteller:


          Let me apologize for any inconvenience.


          In this case the best option for you will be to get in contact with Intel® Germany by phone, on the following link you will see the phone number:




          Any questions, please let me know.



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            Hello Alberto,


            thank you for your fast response. I got in contact with Intel Germany via Phone and have now a RMA ticket, at last.


            I also asked them why the online warranty system is down for such a long time and they also could say bearly nothing about the problem it self but mentioned that they also registered it for a very long time. To be precise they said that it never worked propperly, at least in Germany. They are observing it but can do nothing about it.


            It seems that the customer support service request management system is operated from an external company. It also seems that Intel ist just fine with that (and with the fact that it is not working at any rate for the consumer branch). Just like "phoneservice will do". For customers with "privilegs" and special status in the other hand it works just fine. That is odd.

            I am going so far and claim that it is on purpose ;-) It must be because in opposition to that matter, the Community function is marvelous in any case and any ability as well as any other online function accept the RMA service for the very last "send" step. That doesn´t fit me to be honest. Everything ist outstandingly good and the last step catastrophicaly bad and on top of that, it "can´t be fixed" altough "it is worked on actively" for so long. The apology "...We are actively working to resolve the system issue..." is just wrong.


            Anyway that is ok by me if that runs that way but if Intel is not going to fix that "online request" problem then please remove it completly and leave this ONLY with the phoneservice. Or display the system down message on the very beginning of the procedure otherwise it means nothing but "work", anger and distraction for customers and also for supporters like you.

            It took me nearly half an hour to describe the faults of my CPU because i wanted to give as many informations as I could to help finding the issue and all that to be said that the system is down on the next (last) step. Thank you! Leave it!


            I think you understand what I mean. That ist the most what angered me. Not the fact that it did not work. My work ->for nothing<- before the "send" button it was. I think I am not alone with this.


            Never mind. Wanted to mention that. Thank you for your help and wish you also a nice day.



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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello varb67:
              Thank you very much for sharing that information with us.
              Excellent, it is great to hear that you were finally able to get support and assistance from your local support area.
              And in regard to your comments, there is a specific department that takes care of the web site support, so, I will let them know that this problem is happening for a long time now, they should be able to find a way to fix this.
              Let me apologize for any inconvenience.
              Any other inquiry, do not hesitate in contact us again.