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    Intel NUC NUC6i3SYH, dual monitor mini displayport not working


      Running Windows 10 64bit with the latest video driver from Intel website. HDMI works fine, but displayport not working...


      I am using a new mini displayport to hdmi cable. This one...



      In windows display setting, it shows only 1 monitor. Of course, the second screen connected via that cable is saying "no signal".


      I don't have another device to check if the new mini-dp to hdmi cable is good or not, but at least windows should show 1 active and 1 non-active monitor in display setting, even when the 2nd monitor is not plugged in, right?


      Do I have a bad cable or a bad NUC?


      If you have a dual monitor setup, can you confirm what windows display setting looks like when mini dp is not plugged in?