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    Skull Canyon Random freeze while shutting down.



      I have a concern related to my PC.

      This is a random issue. Till now, i have experienced it thrice and am VERY concerned now, because these machines have only SSD's and any power loss could potentially kill the SSD with all data in it.


      OS: Windows 10.

      Issue: When the machine is shut down. The display goes off, but the PC actually doesn't shut down.

      The PC keeps running and there is nothing on the display. Keyboard doesn't work, probably because the OS has already initiated shutdown. not sure.

      The PC's power switch keeps glowing. i wait for ~10 minutes and pull the power plug, so i could restart it. Everything works normally after reboot.


      Any advice on how this could be fixed?

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          This could be a BIOS issue (you are running the latest available BIOS, right?) or it could just be a Windows issue...


          First of all, do not pull the plug like this; this is the most damaging thing that you can do in this situation. When it gets into this state, shut it off using the power button. If a single touch doesn't work, hold it down for 4 seconds and it will always power it off completely (this is a non-maskable hardware feature in the chipset/SOC).


          Hope this helps,


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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi Gemi,
            I am following up on your case. Let me know if Scott’s suggestion solves the issue.
            If the problem continues, please provide with more details of the problem. Tell me if you are getting any error message as soon as you select shutdown.
            Mike C