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    PCA9685 and UPM library

    Thomas Kirven

      I want to use this pwm driver


      with this library

      upm: PCA9685 Class Reference


      to control four ESC's/brushless motors, but I am having trouble getting it to work. I am using ESC's with battery eliminating circuits, so the wire that would be power input for a regular servo is actually a +5v source.


      // Instantiate an PCA9685 on I2C bus 0

        upm::PCA9685 *pwm = new upm::PCA9685(1,0x40);


        // put device to sleep


        // setup a period of 50Hz



        // wake device up

        if(!pwm->setModeSleep(false)) printf("err1");

        if(!pwm->ledOnTime(0, 0)) printf("err2");

        if(!pwm->ledOffTime(0, 2048)) printf("err3");



      When I run theses functions they all return successful but I get no output on the driver: the pwm pin on channel 0 is at zero volts, when it should be around 2.5 volts (5*(2048/4096)). Would it be possible that the driver is broken, but the read/write functions to the registers still work?


      I would greatly appreciate any help from anyone who has experience with this library.