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    NUC6I3SYK HDMI Audio issue after TV Off


      I bought this NUC about half year ago as HTPC to replace my media player. But unfortunately I really disappointed by the VERY annoying bug with HDMI Audio.

      The problem is I have to reboot the NUC each time I want to watch the movie! After I switch my LG TV 55LM640s  off and switch it again - audio from NUC just stops working.

      I regulary update all the NUC drivers using Intel Driver Update utility, hopping that new driver fixes the issue, but unfortunately it's getting just worse!

      About half an year ago when I switched TV On - I just seen failed Audio icon on bottom left Win10 bar, and what I had to do - just disable the driver in Device Manager and Enable it again. This usually fixed the audio issue.

      But with current drivers the audio just never works... it never shows the failed icon in the bar, and disabling/enabling driver in Device Manager doesn't solve the issue.

      The only way to fix the sound - is to reboot the NUC. You are saying that you didn't test the NUC with all the TVs but I don't understand why all the media players from Box (like Popcorn) never had this issues. Their HDMI sound just always work. I doubt they test their devices with all TVs on the market.

      When i switch TV off just for 5 mins and switch it again - no sound. 100% reproducible. Which is making this NUC as quite bad HTPC player!


      Any help would be appreciated.

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