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    Unable to boot Windows 10 on my Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC





      I bought my new Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC yesterday.

      It has Windows 10 pre-installed on it.



      Configuration of my Compute Stick: -

      Intel Atom Processor

      Windows 10

      32 GB onboard storage

      2 GB DDR3 Ram

      2 USB slots

      2 USB ports

      Intel Wireless 802.11ac with Bluetooth 4.0



      I followed following steps (the sequence of steps is exact as mentioned below) : -



      1) Unboxed the compute stick.

      2) Connected HDMI end of the stick to my 32inch SONY Bravia LED TV (non smart)

      3) Connected Keyboard to one of the USB port

      4) Connected Mouse to one of the USB port

      5) Did not insert SD card in the SD card slot as i do not have one (is it mandatory...isn't 32 GB on board sufficient?)

      6) Connected my mobile's USB cable to the power the compute stick (one end to compute stick another end to USB port of the TV)

      7) Pressed the Power button.



      On the TV screen it showed up Intel Compute Stick and on left hand bottom corner a sequence of Function commands.

      And after that the screen goes blank and the Windows loading icon does not show up.



      Why this must be happening, i have just connected the stick to the TV and not even set it up and configured it.

      What should i do so that i get my compute stick up and running ?

      Please help


      Thanks and Regards

      Omkar Patkar