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    Problems with Intel Graphics Driver


      Description: After exiting from Sleep Mode, one of my monitors always remains in Standby mode. Both monitors are connected to different ports on the motherboard. One is VGA connected, the other is HDMI connected. If I use any of the Graphics administration utilities, only one monitor is shown at this point. If I start up with only the VGA monitor connected, then enter Sleep mode, and activate, the VGA monitor remains in standby. Connecting the HDMI monitor allows me to shut down cleanly after this. When I revert to version 4300 of the driver, these problems go away, though I do get the occasional hiccough that the update resolves.

      The Hardware is a Lenovo Ideacentre 300, 2015H using 64 bit Windows 10 Home. The displays are Ilyama PL2280H.and PL2202W. Microsoft's automatic update has twice installed the 4463 driver without asking me if I wanted this update

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